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*note: the conversation below is in Indonesian, I just translate it*
--On the 17th August, Cafuu who is known as "The Driver" came back to Indonesia to see his Independence day in Indonesia but, mostly because he got a message that a little boy needs help, he came to little boys place which it's a village.

He came to place and saw the little boy, "Oh hey, are you the boy who send me the message" Cafuu said, then the boy replied "Yes", "What can i do for you?", "um well Mr.Driver ca.." "Just call me Driver" "Oh ok, um.. Can you get me to this one place?" "What place?" "This place" as the boy shows a map to somewhere and pointed the X. "Why do you need to go there?" "My grandfather has this map, and he said that if he had a grandchild, he will show me this place" "Why me? Why not go there with your grand father?" "My grand father fought wars on his early ages, He was brave and strong but, sadly my grandfather died before he could even survive the war" "Oh um..Well i'm sorry to hear that" "So can you take me to this place?" "well um.." "PLEASE! I'll do anything! i promise" "ok ok, i'll take you there" "Oh thank you Mr.Driver!" "No problem, and please just call me Driver".

As they embark on journey to go the place as the map says, Cafuu saw that the little boy brought some stuff, There's a flag, a soldier helmet, and a flower. "Say kid, why did you bring those stuff?" "I dunno, the backside of the map says that i have to bring a flag" "What about the flower and the helmet?" "Oh this is just the stuff to remember about my grandfather" "hmm, i see"

As the when on the final length, they saw a flag and a bottle message up ahead, so they got off from the car and check the message inside the bottle. The message says like this "Their my beloved grandchild, thank you for taking your time to visit this place, i made this message because i know that i won't live very long. I know you are curious with this place, why my grandfather like this place, why this why that? well look in front of you, can you see the nature? the mountains, the river? the nature? this why i love to visit this place, to see my beautiful country has a magnificent nature. Is a shame that it will be another place to be taken over by another country for their selfish needs, so that i join the army, to protect my country from any danger and to prevent any stuff or anything to be taken from the people who doesn't belong to them but, belongs together, and also to be one with our people even if we are different, we are have one heart, and one heart to love each other, like the nature in front of you, even if there are different trees, mountains, and other nature things, they can be still to be one, i hope you a good life is that time of year, i wish you the best my grandchild". As the little boy finish his reading, he cry a little bit, tears came out from his eyes, and the boy says "Why? Why can anybody be like my grandfather? Be peaceful, loving, and care to their country, not selfish to their own kind, race, or anything? why?" "i question the same thing kid" Cafuu replied.

As he wipe his tears and see the nature around him, he says "This is very beautiful", "It sure does kid, it sure does" Cafuu replied. "Hey kid" Cafuu said, "Do you remember when you say that you would do anything just to get here" "um..yes" The boy replied, "Well i want you to make a promise, You have to promise that you have to love this country, no matter what and if there's any problem or any conflict around you, you'll be there to help them and make them to feel together as a nation, can you promise me that?" "Yes! Yes i can! I promise!" "That's good to hear"

As the sun came down to the mountain, the boy says that we put the flag up, then Cafuu says "okay", they put the flag up and the boy put his grandfather's helmet and the flower next to the flag pole. "We should head to your home now, it's getting dark" Cafuu said, and the boy replied "Okay!" and Cafuu and the little boy, go back to the little boy's home. THE END
Well this the story from the picture above, i hope you enjoy the story :la:

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